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What is the future of education?
The answer to this question in my PODCAST where I make an extraordinary journey to the changes of our time and its implications in the education of our children.
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Daniel Buriticá C

Technology, Social Innovation, Leadership

My purpose is to cultivate a new generation of transformative leaders through innovation and technology. I was born and raised in Colombia, a country that made me understand that to change the world, we must change the minds and hearts of those who inhabit it. The only people who change are those who learn. That’s why I dedicate every day to strength in future leaders the skills they need to create a better world.

The traditional education system does not respond quickly enough to the changes brought by exponential technologies. Our young people need new skills to be competitive and have a meaningful life. That’s why I took on the challenge of creating a community of young change makers that through the construction of community projects, develop the 21st century skills necessary to face the changes of the fourth industrial revolution. I hope this new generation of empathetic leaders will be able to think and feel differently, in order to solve the great problems of our society.

Mi Work

I am a serial entrepreneur. My work has always been for and with people. I founded the Colombian Youth Network  RECOJO  and the BAKONGO leadership camp. I also co founded  technology company, a corporate teambuilding company and a Law firm


As a speaker my goal is to inspire the audience, through a message of empowerment and innovation that provokes a new attitude towards the challenges of work and life.

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